One of the most spectacular marine amphitheaters on the Italian peninsula, this corner of Liguria between Portovenere and Lerici is also known as the Gulf of Poets, due to the fact that over the centuries numerous artists, including Montale, Wagner and Lord Byron, chose it as their home away from home, stunned by its beauty and inspired by its landscapes.

This incredibly beauty finds its natural complement in the cuisine, which brings out the best in local products. Nature is at its finest here, thanks to the sea that’s abundant in fish and the cliffs overlooking Portovenere that offer uniquely flavorful produce and herbs in every season, thanks to the sea breeze that blows all year round and makes this land rich in fragrances and flavors.

It is in this setting that the current Trattoria Le 3 Torri opened its doors in 1999, on the vestiges of one of Portovenere’s oldest locales, in the hopes of offering high-quality cuisine that’s respectful of tradition and of a territory rich in raw materials and history.